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Argan Carrier Oil (Deodorized, Virgin Organic) is one of the most popular carrier oils for skin care. Virgin organic oil commonly referred to as Moroccan oil given it's origin, is cold pressed extracted from the nuts of the argan tree (Argania spinosa), resulting in an oil with a pale yellow color and nutty flavor. It is a wonderful, affordable all-purpose to keep on hand for use in properly diluting essential oils and for incorporating into aromatherapy and personal care recipes. It can used as a base in cosmetics, toiletries, soaps, massage oils, balms, hair care and sun care preparations. It has many anti-aging properties and treats a number of skin conditions. It is an effective source of moisture for both skin and hair, and a great source for Vitamin E.


Ingredients: Organic oil obtained by cold pressing of argan nut kernels, rich in essential fatty acids: , Omega 6 or linoleic acid, omega 3 or linolenic acid, triterpenoids, beta amyrine (to stimulate cell growth), buthyrospermol,  vitamins A, B and especially vitamin E or antioxidant tocopherols, the main ally in the fight against skin aging.