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Palo Santo literally means ‘holy wood’ or ‘holy stick’ in Spanish. It is also known as The Wood of the Saints. This sacred tree only grows in a few parts of South America.

Our palo santo is hand picked and comes direct from Peru. These large pieces are extra resinous meaning the essential oils are more concentrated. The trees are wild grown, but as part of the plan of the Peruvian Forest Management, plantations are made and these trees are maintained in the desert, which is very very expensive.

As it is a species that is listed as ‘VULNERABLE’, there is a strict supervision of it by the Ministry of Agriculture through the National Forest Service and Wild Fauna (SERFOR) so that only dead branches and trunks are harvested and the plantations are made and maintained to ensure the continued life of the tree.

Palo Santo has been used for more than a thousand years in shamanic ceremonies, healing and prayer. The smell affects the brain and uplifts the spirit. Shamans use it due to its metaphysical qualities as it clears negativity and bad energy in homes, our surroundings and our physical bodies. It can also be used to repel insects, especially mosquitos.

The live trees are never cut down. Only the fallen tree and branches can be used. They must remain on the ground for 4-10 years to allow for the saps transformation into crystals to form within the branches giving it its golden colour and heavenly scent. Our palo santo is sustainably grown and ethically harvested according to the Peruvian government regulations.

How to use:

First set an intention, then light the end for 15-20 seconds (always stay at one end and let it burn through over time). After a short time once the wood catches fire, shake out the flames and walk around the house or area you wish to effect (this is called smudging), and repeat your wish or intention whilst letting the smoke and divine smell spread. You will soon feel it will become part of your daily routine.